Personalised Coffins

Unique coffins

Each and everyone of us is unique, there is no other person like you on the planet, why send them off in a plain brown varnished box, that says nothing about the person. I will create a coffin with your help that will  represent your loved one. I hand paint the coffin to a colour of your choice, then as I am painting it, we work together on the design. Whether your loved one liked dancing, singing, fishing, football, gardening, bingo, walking – the coffin will depict their personality.

Hand-painted to your own design

This process has been known to help with the initial grief, and as it is the very last thing you can do for your loved one, it brings fond memories to a very difficult time. I will hold your hand all the way through this process, to ensure it is carried out to your wishes.

Picture by Phil Bunt

Pictures of the commissions to date, can be found in the gallery below.


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